Blood type diet – Eat right for your blood type

Blood type diet - Eat right for your blood type

The blood type diet was formulated by Peter D'' Adamo in his book Eat Right 4 Your Type. Adamo worked on the premise that our blood type is responsible for our health and thus whatever foods we have should be formed on the basis of the blood type. In other words, the diet we follow should correspond with the blood type. What''s it all aboutThough Adamo based his research on the works of biochemists and glycobiologists, there has been criticism regarding his theory on the basis of the lack of scientific evidence. Dietitians and physicians agree unanimously on the lack of scientific evidence theory. But since the time of its formulation, this diet has been in existence, it is popular among its benefactors. Some of the recommendations given in the blood type diet seem to be commonplace, that is, those advices are not peculiar to blood type diet only; they are applicable to other diets too. To give some examples, the author advises to cut down on refined or processed foods, and to inculcate low calorie eating habits. These two recommendations are suitable not only for this diet but for any diet as well. However, if you consider this in other way, no diet can work in isolation. They also need associative factors to work, which Adamo also recommends with his diet type. Now, he says that this diet is functional with four blood types - A, B, AB, and OHow do you eat right for your blood type?Here is a blood type diet food list to adhere to:Blood Group A - They should have lemon water, oatmeal, soy milk, maple syrup, grapefruit juice, coffee, herbal tea, Greek salad, apple, bean sprouts, peanut butter, rice cakes,green tea, plums, frozen yogurt, tofu, lasagna, broccoli, coffee or red wine. They should avoid having red meat. Blood Group B - They should have grape juice, rice bran cereal, skim milk, fluidized cocktail, sandwiches, turkey slices, little of mayonnaise or cheese, green salad, herbal tea, yogurt, broiled fish, and steamed vegetables. They should avoid chicken and bacon.Blood Group AB - It is a rough combination of A and B, which includes rye bread, lemon water, grapefruit juice, herb cheese, yogurt, coffee, plums, turkey slices, tofu cheesecake, iced herbal tea, omelet, mix fruit salad, wine, and decaffeinated coffee. Blood Group O - This universal donor type should have low carbohydrates, low dairy products, and high protein content foods. Foods like Ezekiel bread, vegetable juices, banana, herbal teas, organic foods, spinach salad, fruits slices of apple or pineapple,asparagus stew, sweet potato, mixed fruit salad, wine, and lamb is recommended. The downsideApart from these, there are certain foods that are banned in this diet of D''Adamo. Usually a high amount of fish, meat, potatoes, cereals, pasta, and whole grains are strictly not recommended. The list of banned foods is typically high which makes it difficult for dieters to follow but once you get a hang of it, the diet will run smoothly. Also, talk to your doctor about the diet. There can be some foods which you are not supposed to have due to other health reasons but they can be included in the blood type diet - be wary of those foods!

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