El Macho: the Integrator for Improving Erection at 50% Discount

El-macho is a preparation that exploits the combined action of the active ingredients used as ingredients. El-macho improves circulation and stimulates erection. The active ingredients u sati as ingredients (glycines and magnesium) prolong the duration of the effect and ensure a long-lasting effect. In addition, El-macho has a toning and strengthening action on the entire body, which is what you need for long lasting sexual intercourse.

It does not contain GMOs or supplemental compounds, flavourings or chemical preservatives. Acts on the erection immediately after intake. Widely tested and without contraindications. Suitable for men of all ages.

El-macho released as capsules. It dissolves quickly in water or other non-alcoholic liquids. To be taken before sexual intercourse.

For a healthy effect, take 1-2 times daily for a period of 14 days.

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