Normalife product pressure is normal from the first intake and forever

Normalife acts on the use ca of disease, reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack to zero!


Good to know! 67% of hypertensive patients in Italy do not realize that they are sick.

Mode of Use

Taking of drug 10 drops 2 times daily. Recommended course 30 days. Detailed instructions are included.

The consequences of high blood pressure are more dangerous than cancer and tuberculosis put together.

In 89% of cases, hypertension ends with heart attack. Vascular occlusion develops. The risk of brain hemorrhage and stroke is high.

The consequences of smoking, alcohol use, poor nutrition, sedentary life, stress, high cholesterol are particularly dangerous. Overweight people suffer from hypertension in 3-4 times more often.


Hypertension progresses rapidly and threatens every 5th person with death. Start treating it now and become absolutely healthy.

Scientists at the Academia di Scienze della Italiana have worked for 8 years to create a preventive and therapeutic drug. The opening of the year was nominated for international Gairdner Medical Award. Multistage tests have demonstrated drug efficacy so academics have received all the licenses, necessary quality certificates and state support.

The clinical trial was conducted in the hospital according to the Verona sanatorium in 2011. Four groups of volunteers participated in a clinical trial for 25 days.

Group 1 - men and women aged 28 to 80 years with hypertensive dysfunctions taking Normalife.

Group 2 - men and women with the same dysfunctions as placebo.

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Armando Rossi Doctor of the highest category, Candidate of Medical Sciences

I confirm! The main fighter against hypertension is bioflavonoids. They are obtained exclusively from the ragy and bark of wild larch. It is present in almost all antihypertension drugs. But! Most manufacturers put their quantity in small amounts! This means that the effect can be expected for years. I'm sure that the only drug that contains abundant bioflavonoids is Normalife. I have seen his formula and the conclusion of independent experts. It is the respectable people. I recommend this medication to patients and I reproach them, if they self-medicate and take what "advised the friend","read on the Internet","seen on television". That is wrong! You have to fight with hypertension with controlled means! With those who have the trust of doctors, with whom your illness will go forever.

Francesco, Milan, 51 years old

I am 51 years old. 3 years ago in our clinic I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, blows in my heart, etc. I suffered, but I did nothing. And six months ago I had all the signs of micro stroke. I was panicking here, but I immediately refused the prescribed tablets. Chemistry hurts, as everyone knows. But what to do, I didn't know. Less badly than a casual meeting with a friend made me know Normalife. Now, as you guessed, I'm NOT NEW. Pressure is normal, they are as healthy as a fish!

30 years of experience

A few years ago I was in treatment in Verona's sanatorium. There, studies were carried out of a new antihypertension drug. Of course, I was afraid. But what to do? None of the drugs did not help me, and I decided. Fortunately for me, I was in a group that took over Normalife and not the "fictitious". After 2 hours the pressure has returned to normal. But little by little I began to feel very good in general! I am very pleased that I was involved in the testing of drugs. Pressure is always in order.

Julia, Rome, 61 years old.


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